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The Company does not disclose your name, address, e-mail address and other legally protected personal data to anyone other than the company's related business partners without obtaining your consent for the personal data you have logged in or retained. . At the same time, in order to provide marketing, market analysis, statistics or research, or to provide member personalized or value-added services, you agree that the company, or the company’s strategic partners, may record, save, and use your site The information or records retained or generated, as well as the disclosure or use of statistical data, without exposing the data.

In the following cases, the company may provide your personal information to the relevant authorities, or a third person who claims that their rights have been infringed and prompts the judicial authorities to issue official documents:

  1. Based on legal provisions or subject to judicial proceedings and other competent authorities based on legal process requirements;
  2. To protect the legitimate rights of other members or third parties in emergency situations;
  3. The gold flow and logistics information necessary for consumers to shop and redeem gifts through this service;
  4. Any violation of government regulations or these Terms of Use by the user.

Regarding the personal data and other specific information (such as transaction data) that you have logged in or retained, we are protected and regulated by our “Privacy Policy”.

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